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(The Legend of Zelda AU, Crossover with FATE//Universe)
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Appearance human golden retriever. He is JACKED and covered in scars.
Abilities He has EVERY Link's abilities, and his entire inventory of weapons. IF YOU DON'T KNOW ZELDA, HERE IS A RUNDOWN: He can breathe underwater, has incredible heat tolerance, and can drop from great heights. He can use any weapon, and if he plays music it can alter time, make it rain, calm the dead, or warp. He casts fire and cures himself. He can turn into a wolf. He can summon animals under his care. He can briefly walk on air. His sword is holy. HE CAN DO A LOT OF THINGS. He can also facilitate mana transfers, and he can generate a Reality Marble (warp you to a Special Area) of a wasted castle. His Noble Phantasms (ultimate attack) are the Triforce of Courage and Fierce Deity.
About Link is a combination of multiple lifetimes of the same soul. He has been summoned into the same war cycle over and over again with two others he is now bound by fate with: a goddess and a demon. A holy object embedded in his left hand, the Triforce, is perpetuating this cycle. He is a heroic young man who wants to right wrongs. He doesn't speak much at all. He didn't get a lot of practice talking in most of his lifetimes, so he tends to respond to conversations like he is surrounded by foreign languages he doesn't quite feel confident enough to speak in, even if he understands.

Touching I am here for it Why are u touching me? confused??
Romance I am here for it You'll have to seduce him
Sex I hope you're ready to wreck your childhood cuz I sure am You'll have to seduce him
Killing Contact first to discuss! (probably) He'll avoid it but he'll fuckin do it. He's also used to being killed...
Torture/Gross I am here for it He screams a lot

NOTE: IT IS OKAY TO HAVE META KNOWLEDGE OF WHO LINK IS. Feel free to recognize him and act accordingly!